"Formative evaluation - didactic mode of effective learning"

On November 27, of the current year, in P.I. College of Medicine Cahul held the methodical seminar with the generic "Formative evaluation - didactic mode of effective learning", organized for the purpose of professional training of teachers.

The objectives of the seminar:

  • Ensuring the logical connection between the operational objectives and the formative evaluation;

  • Regulation of the process of teaching learning by understanding the system of strategies of the formative evaluation;

  • Capitalizing on the formative evaluation - establishing the formative valences.

The agenda of the seminar covered the following topics:

  • Characteristics of the formative evaluation;

  • Practical-applicative strategies of the formative evaluation.

  • Self-evaluation - an indispensable component of the evaluation;

  • Evaluation of trainers.

This instructive-practical activity was organized and carried out by:

Mrs. Ana Pascal - Deputy Didactic Director;

Mrs. Aliona Musteață - Head of Quality Assessment Section;

Mrs. Valentina Bulici - Methodist.

A special place in the seminar had the training monitored by Mrs. Valentina Bulici, a Methodist, in which were elaborated: 1. The formative diagnosis sheet (the student progress sheet); 2. Lightning test.

The seminar was organized and conducted in such a way as to meet the expectations of the beneficiaries, which was appreciated by the teachers who participated in this seminar.