Scurt Istoric

The Medical College Cahul was founded by the order of the Ministry of Health Protection no. 513 from May 22, 1946 being the first assistants and midwives School in the south part of the country with a contingent in the first year of 90 people. The school started its activity in precarious conditions without a building, being rented 3 classrooms in the middle school no. 3. According to a report presented by the director of the institution at the time, G. Dreșel, the school did not have any teaching materials, the teachers were employed by the cumulus and started their activity in the absence of the school programs. By the end of September 1946, the school had a staff of 80 students.

During the meeting of October 31, 1947 the executive of the County Council of Cahul adopts a decision, under which the School of assistants and midwives was offered a building with an area of ​​390 m2for the study block.

In 1948 at the assistants and midwives School there were 23 teachers, most of whom were employed by the cumulus. The admission of 1949 numbered 110 applicants, and at the end of the respective year of study the institution launches the first specialists.

Later, according to the enlargement of the profile of the Felicity and Mosaic School in Cahul, on July 10, 1954, the institution was reorganized into the School of Medicine. The new phase of the activity of the school was marked by the improvement measures that were implemented at that time: the consolidation of the technical-material base, the widening of the study and living space for the students, the creation of laboratories, etc. Until 1981, the Cahul School of Medicine trained more than four thousand medical specialists, including nurseries, midwives and nurses. In the 1982-1983 school year, the school had 1051 students for the first time. This year new curricula were applied and at the end of the year 15% of the graduates receive merit diplomas, many of them continuing their studies in higher education institutions.

According to the Decision of the Government of the Republic of Moldova no. 440 of June 25, 1992 and of the Order of the Ministry of Health no. 37 of July 2, 1992, the Cahul School of Medicine is reorganized in the College of Medicine Cahul. New terms of study were also established: the students enrolled after graduating from the high school cycle - 5.5 years, the graduates of the schools of general culture and the high schools - 3 years. The year 2000 was significant for the college because it was put into operation the new study block at the outskirts of Cahul city with 2 Student dorm.

The Medical College of Cahul passed the accreditation in 2005 through the College Decision

Ministry of Education of the Republic of Moldova no. 2.5.5 from March 10, 2005, the Certificate of Accreditation was issued series AC no. 0011 in the specialty 1701 General medicine, education with daily frequency, qualification "Medical assistant". By 2006, the college had consolidated its teaching staff and technical-material base, the institution enjoying authority and recognition in the medical environment.